Welcome to the Stealth and 3000GT dyno chart website. It is a great way to compare the power levels of various setups. More features are added weekly so be sure to look at the change history for updates since your last visit.

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Big td04 entry!

Added two dynos from Ray Pampena. Big td04 power!

Smoothed lines

Updated the chart to smooth the lines

New data added!

Added some more charts. I have been slacking lately but I will try to add more every month.

News and cookies!

Finally started working on the news section. Should be helpful to see what was added since your last visit. There is a backlog of news so you'll see the news grow in both directions for a little bit until I can catch up. Added some cookie support so I can save settings. This allowed me to add a checkbox to the main dialog so a user can hide it instead of having to close it every visit. It will expire every two weeks just in case I want to update it.

Hide it

Added hide button on the intro dialog.

More Data!

Added some more data from my dyno sessions. New one is Toni's without 50/50 meth injection. I also updated my max horsepower and torque. This is a new "mod" because I found that I need to know these separate from chart data since the graph smooths the lines so sometimes the calculated max isn't what the dyno showed.


Created a new sidebar that can be hidden. Gives a user more room for the graph.

We heard you like settings!

Added chart settings tab. This will be the place for all settings that relate to the chart itself such as theme, size, etc.


Did some improvements to the general site design, generally more usable and pretty.

Hit me!

Created a hit counter to see how many users are active.

Save it...

Legend selections are now saved after resizing the graph.

What now?

Randomized the list of colors in the 3sCustom theme to make it easier to read.

Hoverboards don't work on water!

Love this feature, if you hover over a chart's color in the legend, it highlights the line in the graph. Makes it much easier to read if you are comparing lines.


Added all the old TD04 data, about 25+ charts.


Added select and deselect all to the legend. This allows you to pinpoint just a few lines much faster.

Layout junk!

Improved some of the layout.

Just the...

Created a legend tooltip. Hover over the entry in the legend and you will see a popup containing detailed information on that run.


First commit of code. There are a bunch of new changes after this one but they are all very small since there was a lot of churn getting the site together.

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